My Gym Doesn’t Care

Chris Cooper (Two Brain Business)

My gym doesn’t care that you didn’t complete “75 Hard” or you haven’t worked out in over a year.

My gym doesn’t care about the gym you used to go to.

My gym doesn’t care if you wear cut-off sweatpants and a stretched-out tee or matching Lululemon sets.

My gym isn’t here to punish you for the large pizza and 12-pack of beer you polished off over the weekend.

My gym doesn’t care about what you benched in high school or that you were in “way better shape” before you had kids.

My gym couldn’t give two 💩’s about your past mistakes. If it did, it wouldn’t let me in either.

But, my gym does expect you to show up and misses you when you’re AWOL.

My gym will celebrate what you can do NOW.

My gym is full friendship, accountability, achievement and fun that makes you and your life better.

You deserve my gym. Come train with me.