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Shout out to CrossFIt Health for spotlighting Health care workers who also run gyms for a healthier future.
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Driving Through the Heels in the SDHP

In the drive phase of the sumo deadlift high pull, athletes should strive to stay rooted in the heels until hip extension occurs. Often, powerful hip extension will lead to continued extension of the ankles, leading athletes onto the toes.

However, if this occurs prematurely, athletes may lose power or the barbell may deviate forward of the frontal plane, as CrossFit Seminar Staff Head Trainer David Tittle (CF-L3) explains during a Level 1 Certificate Course at CrossFit Decimate.
Half Collin
3 rounds for time of: 400-meter sandbag carry
12 push presses
12 box jumps
12 sumo deadlift high-pulls ♀ 35-lb bag, 75-lb press, 20-in box, 65-lb SDHP
♂ 50-lb bag, 115-lb press, 24-in box, 95-lb SDHP Post time to comments.
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“As a CrossFit Affiliate Owner, I Am Part of the Healthcare Solution”

Kerry Sproles, RN, started her nursing career in a critical care unit, where day in and day out she cared for people who were very ill, many with preventable diseases.

Eventually, she recognized her career was costing her her own health.

“The stress, night shift, and unhealthy hospital eating took its toll on me. I needed to change my life or end up like my patients.”

That’s when Kerry found CrossFit, and once she started, she never looked back. She began coaching and fell in love with how rewarding it was to help others with their health journeys.

When the opportunity arose to purchase her affiliate, CrossFit Arvada, Kerry jumped at the chance. She wanted to be on the preventive side of healthcare.

Now Kerry uses her nursing degree to help her community. She understands disease processes and helps her members avoid the pitfalls of traditional medical care. At the same time, she provides an inclusive atmosphere where her members can ward off chronic disease in the first place.