Common sense gym rules

Gym Etiquette

Introduction yourself-this is the number one rule, if you don’t know someone say hi and introduce yourself, make everyone feel welcome.

Be on time– we know some come from work and hit traffic, just try your best.

Check your Ego at the door– be coachable, we are here to help and keep you safe.

Don’t break down your equipment unless everyone has finished the workout- I know some have to run to work, ask a coach to break down if you need to leave.

Treat empty barbells like they were your baby– Includes 10lbs and 25lb weights- place those bars gently on the ground, especially when taking weights off- you should never here a clatter!

Check your surroundings and stick to your equipment– Be aware of your space and those around you, don’t use other people’s wall ball because it’s closer and they aren’t there.  Don’t crowd people’s space, especially if you walk in late.

Kindergarten Rules still apply– You have to clean-up after yourself. It’s your responsibility to get out and put away your equipment, count your own reps (all of them), get your own tissue, and clean off your bars. Plus, by carrying those huge Rogue boxes all the way across the gym, you’ll gain a lot of fitness.

Clean off your bars and all equipment you use– every time.

Chalk usage– Chalk stays in the chalk bucket. Yes, you’ll have to walk all the way to the chalk bucket to dust your hands. While some people believe that chalk is the magic fairy dust of CrossFit performance, a light dusting of your hands is all you need. 

Phone and Headphones– no phones on the floor, headphones for long runs only please

Children and Dogs– we love them all, please no children on the floor.  Well behaved dogs are welcome with permission and must be tied up during workouts at all times.

Go the Distance– come into class and move, push yourself, be coachable and ask questions.  We are here to make this the best hour of your day.