Proper Form

On this page you will see correct and incorrect form on movements.

Please take the time to watch the attached videos.

Air Squats: Note the first 15 reps are correct.  Hips open, full extension.  The next 10 reps do not count.  Hips never open.

Ring Dips:  Note the first 5 reps are correct.  Hips are moving up and down, Biceps are touching ring.  The next 5 reps are incorrect.  No change in elevation between rings and hips.

Thrusters: Note The first 5 reps are correct.  Hips and knees are fully extended at the  top and bar is overhead.  At the bottom hip crease is below the knee.  The last 5 reps are incorrect.  The bar is not overhead at the top on the movement.

Wall Ball 2fers: Note: You must complete a squat between each wall ball throw.  Make sure you pass below 90 degrees at the bottom of each squat.