JULY 21, 2018

The WhiteBoard Classic hosted by CrossFit Arvada, will be held at CrossFit Arvada on July 21st. Let’s get back to the basics of CrossFit and throwdown.

Registration will remain open till July 20th. Please note that if you want a competition T-shirt with your entry you must register before July 6th. Any registrations made after July 6th will not come with an event T-shirt. So register now!!!

Where: 14700 W 66th Place #6. Arvada, CO
When: Saturday, July 21st, 2018 from 8:00am to 6:00pm
Cost: $115.00 per team of 2

Teams may be made up of (male / female), (male / male) or (female / female) athletes. To qualify for the masters division, you must be (male / female) and the combined age must be 75 or older on or before July 21st, 2018. All teams will compete in 4 to 5 challenging events. The Top 3 teams in each division will qualify for prizes. All Participants will receive a event t-shirt with their entry fee if registered before July 6th.  No refunds will be available, you may substitute teammates.

For additional information please contact: Keith at 720 308 3259.

Link below for 2017 Whiteboard Classic – FINAL RESULTS

Max weight and possible disciplines
………………………………….Rx Division…….Scaled Division………Masters Division
Deadlift                            185/275             135/225                    115/185
Back Squat                      155/225             115/185                     95/135
Front Squat                      115/165              75/115                      75/115
Power Clean                    105/155              95/135                      75/115
Squat Clean                     115/165              95/135                      75/115
Jerk                                  115/165              95/135                      75/115
OHS                                  95/135               65/95                        55/85
Power Snatch                   95/135               65/95                        55/85
Squat Snatch                    85/125                 NO                             NO
Ball Slams                           30lb                  30lb                           30lb
Kettlebells                      24kg/32kg         16kg/24kg                16kg/24kg
Thruster                            75/115               65/95                         65/95
Bench Press                      YES                  YES                           YES
SDHP                                  NO                    NO                             NO
Pull Ups                             YES                  YES                           YES
C2B Pull Ups                     YES                    NO                             NO
Toe to Bar                          YES                  YES                           YES
Ring Muscle Ups               YES                   NO                             NO
Bar Muscle Ups                 YES                   NO                             NO
HSPU                                 YES                  NO                             NO
Box Jumps                       24’/30′                20’/24′                     20’/24′
Wall Ball                           20lb/30lb           14lb/20lb                   14lb/20lb
Burpees                             YES                  YES                           YES
Odd Objects                      YES                   YES                          YES
Double Unders                  YES                   YES                          YES
Rowing                              YES                   YES                          YES
Air Assault Bike                 YES                   YES                          YES
Running                             YES                   YES                          YES

2017 Whiteboard Classic
AMRAP 6:00

10 Hang Power Clean and Jerk
10 Bar Facing Burpees Over Bar

You choose which teammate will start.  Each teammate will complete a round of 10 hang power clean/jerks followed by 10 bar facing burpees over bar.  After you complete a round you will tag your teammate and they will complete a round.  You will continue this for 6:00.  Your score will be total reps completed.  Each team will have 2 preloaded barbells.  Each hang power clean/jerk must start at full extension.  You may use either a push jerk or split jerk.  A two-footed take off is required on the burpees.  Your hips do not need to open on the burpees.
Rx – 135/95
Masters – 115/75
Scaled – 115/75

2017 Whiteboard Classic

100 Calorie Assault Bike
80 Double Unders
60 Box Jumps
50 Deadlifts
40 TTB

Athletes will work together to complete this event.  Only one athlete may work at a time.  You may split up the work however you see fit.

This event will begin with one teammate seated on the bike. At 3.2.1.Go you will begin the 100 calorie assault bike.  You may switch as many times as you like with your teammate.  When you have completed the 100 calories you will both advance to the double under station.

You may both have your jump rope in hand, but only one may jump at a time.  When you have completed 80 double unders you will advance together to the box jumps.  It is the responsibility of each team to flip the box to the prescribe height before jumping.  A two-footed take off is required.  You must have full extension at the top of each box jump (games standard).  Once you have completed all 60 box jumps you will advance together to your deadlift bars.

Each team will have two bars, one loaded for the male athlete and one loaded for the female athlete.  No bouncing the bar off the floor.  Hips must be fully opened at the top of each rep with shoulders behind the bar.  When you have completed the 50 deadlifts you will advance together to the TTB.

Your feet must pass behind the parallel line of the upright.  Both feet must touch the bar at the same time.

If you do not complete the prescribed work within the cut off time, each remaining rep will be added back to your time in seconds.

A tie-break time will be taken after the 100 calories on the assault bike.  This tie-break time will be used to break a tie on the podium (top 3).

Rx – 30in/24in. , 225/155
Masters – 24in/20in., 185/135
Scaled – 24in/20in., 185/135

2017 Whiteboard Classic
14:00 TIME CAP

2000m Row
– Then –
Establish a 1RM Clean

As a team you will complete a 2000m Row.  You may split the row up however you see fit.  The first athlete will begin seated on the rower.  You may not touch the handle until you hear the word “GO”.  You must remain seated on the rower until the rower reaches the 2000m mark.

With the time remaining on the clock you will establish a 1RM Clean.  You may use a power or squat clean.  You will receive two bars, a 45lb bar and a 35lb bar.  Only one athlete may attempt a lift at a time.

This event will have two scores.  Total time to complete the 2000m row and the combined 1RM clean from both athletes.

2017 Whiteboard Classic

400m Partner Run
– Then with time remaining complete as many rounds as possible of:
20 Worm Thrusters
20 Pull-Ups

Athletes will complete the 400m run together.  When both teammates are back they will begin the worm thrusters.  You must start with the worm on your shoulder.  Both teammates must squat below parallel.  At the top of each worm thruster the worm must be passed overhead to the opposite shoulder.  If both athletes do not squat below parallel it will be a NO REP,  make sure you are communicating with your teammate!

When you have completed all 20 worm thrusters you will advance to the pull-up bar.  Rx must do chest to bar pull-ups, Scaled and Masters will do chin over bar pull-ups.  Chest to Bar: Your chest must make contact with the bar and full extension of the arms at the bottom of each rep.  Chin over Pull-ups:  Your chin must be clearly over the bar and full extension of the arms at the bottom of each rep.

Pull-ups can only be done while the other teammate is hanging from the pull-up bar.  No pull-ups will count if the other teammate is not hanging.  Both hands must be on the bar in the hang.  Any grip is allowed but your hands cannot make contact with each other on the bar.

Worm Thruster weight will be Rx – 80 and 50.  Masters and scaled will be 70 and 40.

Your score will be total reps completed after the 400m partner run.

QUADATHLON (Floater Event)
Cut Off Time: 12:00

Section 1: 500m Ski Erg, 800m Assault Bike
Section 2: 500m Row, 800m Run

Entire team will complete the Quadathlon in teams of two (male/female).  You may decide which athlete completes which section.  This event will count for two separate scores.

For example: female athlete chooses to do section 1.  When she has completed both the 500m Ski Erg and the 800m Assault bike she will tag her partners hand and the male athlete will begin the 500m Row and then 800m Run.

You must complete the entire section, you cannot split a section up.  Your score will be total time to complete.  Then the next two athletes, (female/male) will repeat the QUADATHLON for a second score.

You will sign up for heat times at check-in.  This event may run ahead of schedule if time allows.

Ski Erg:Athlete will start with both hands on their head.  At 3.2.1..Go, you may begin.  Both hands must remain on the handles until the 500m mark is reached.  There will be a 5 burpee penalty for not releasing the handles under control.

Assault Bike:Athlete will transition to the bike from the Ski Erg.  You must remain seated on the bike until you reach the 800m mark.

Row:Athlete must be seated with hands off the handle until their teammate completes the Assault Bike and tags Rowers hand.  You must remain seated and both hands on the rower until rower reaches 500m.

Run:Athlete will transition to the run from the rower.  You must follow a very clearly marked out and back course to the finish line
Cut Off Time: 24:00

25 Squat Cleans
25 Pull-Ups

Rx = Squat Cleans 165/115, Chest to Bar pull-ups
Scaled = 135/95, Chin Over bar pull-ups
Masters = 115/75, Chin Over bar pull-ups

Event 1 will begin with athlete 1 standing tall over the bar.  At 3.2.1..Go you may touch the bar and begin your squat cleans.  Athlete 1 must complete all 25 squat cleans before moving on to the pull-ups.   When Athlete 1 completes all required reps, Athlete 1 then tags Athlete 2 and so on…  Your score is the total time for all four teammates to complete the work.  Reps not completed in the time cap will be added to the score as 1 second per rep.

Note: Every time the athlete comes off the pull-up bar the entire team must do 3 hand release burpees.

Squat Clean:Each repetition starts with the barbell on the floor.  The barbell may be received in a squat or power clean to a front squat.  In the squat, the hip crease must be clearly below the top of the knee.  Before the barbell is lowered, the elbow must be clearly in front of the bar and the hips and knees must be fully extended.

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups:Strict, kipping, or butterfly pull-ups are permitted, as long as all the requirements are met.  Any grip is allowed as long as the arms are fully extended at the bottom.  At the top, the chest must clearly come into contact with the bar, below the collarbone.

Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups:Strict, kipping, or butterfly pull-ups are permitted, as long as all the requirements are met.  Any grip is allowed as long as the arms are fully extended at the bottom.  At the top, the chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.

Hand Release Burpees:At the bottom, you must lift both hands off the floor.  At the top, you must jump and clap with your hands behind your head.
8:00 AMRAP
Double Unders
Box Jumps
Wall Ball
Deadlift Hold

Rx = Box Jumps: 24/20, Wall Ball: 30/20, Deadlift Hold: 275/185.
Scaled = Box Jumps: 24/20, Wall Ball: 20/14, Deadlift Hold: 225/135
Masters = Box Jumps: 24/20, Wall Ball: 20/14, Deadlift Hold: 185/115

Event 2 will begin with each athlete at a station.  At the count of 3.2.1 Go.. the athlete on the deadlift hold must pick up the bar to a full lockout position.  Hips and knees must be locked out with the shoulders clearly behind the bar.  Once the athlete is locked out the deadlift judge will say “good”, all other members may begin scoring reps at their station.  Anytime the Deadlift is dropped or the athlete loses position the deadlift judge will say “stop”, all other athletes must stop.  You can only switch stations when the deadlift is on the floor.

Double Unders:This is the standard double under jump rope.  The rope must pass under the feet twice for every one jump.

Box Jumps:Every rep must begin with both feet on the floor. The rep finishes with the hips and knees fully open while in control on top of the box. You must jump up with a two footed take off.  You may jump down, or step down as long as both feet start on the ground and both feet end on the box and in control.
Reaching full extension in the air while jumping down will result in a NO REP. Failure to extend the hips and knees at the top will also be a NO REP.

Wall Ball:The movement begins with the medicine ball on the ground. The ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease clearly below the knee, and thrown to hit the specified target. The rep is counted when the center of the ball clears the required height line and makes contact with the target. If the ball drops to the ground, it must come to a full stop before the athlete can pick it up for the next rep. Catching the ball off the bounce into the next rep is NOT ALLOWED.
If the ball hits the bottom edge of the target or does not hit the target at all, it is a NO REP.  If the athlete’s hip crease does not clearly reach below parallel, it is a NO REP.

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