We are Arvada’s first, oldest and most experienced CrossFit Affiliate

We have some of the most experienced Coaches.  Who care about you and your safety.  We will get you in the best shape of your life and have fun doing it.

With over twenty five years of experience in coaching and competing we have developed a system that works!  Our system works for the person who is just starting out, as well as the most experienced athletes.

We believe in CrossFit and it’s methodolgy.  You will not see a cardio boot camp or an old guys lifting club here.  We know CrossFit works and we will coach you to success.

We believe in INTEGRITY OF MOVEMENT. In other words we believe that the intended range of motion in a discipline is required in order to obtain fitness.  We will coach you and refine your movement and form to help you develop a level of fitness you have never experienced before.


You're worth the work. Impress yourself.

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Our On-Ramp program consist of 4 classes.  They are help Monday-Thursday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  These classes are limited to no more then four athletes at a time. After these four classes you will be ready to join the group classes or personal training options.

If you are new to CrossFit, these classes are a must.  We will show you how to safely execute movements and lifts.  Our On-ramp program also gives our coach the opportunity to get to know your injuries, abilities, and goals — This allows us to develop mobility exercises and modifications that will help you with your weaknesses or movement restrictions (like tight ankles or hips).  We will teach proper gym etiquette…how to bail, how to spot, how to rack and unrack barbells, how to set up the rowing machines, how to use the bands and general gym rules.

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This is absolutely the best box in the Metro Area if not the state. Keith and Stacey (owner operator/coaches) are amazing and so are their entire roster of coaches. They are very great to their clients needs and make sure everyone is safe while being pushed.

- Grover G. -

I started coming back to Crossfit after a 5 year hiatus to get in shape for a trip. I've made so much progress in the last 4 months and am excited to keep this up for the long term. The gym is great, the coaches are awesome and the members are so motiviating. I love this gym!

- Ingrid D. -

This is the best place to get a good sweat going. I have made lifelong friends in this most amazing community, and have gotten in the best shape of my life. I love this CrossFit family!

- Natalie G. -

Visiting Denver and dropped in for a workout. Great people great facility!! Everyone was so amazing and friendly! I will definitely be back next time I visit

- Amanda C. -